The Way I see the Clouds, Thorny Twigs, Shadows of Naked Trees, Scattered Stones and Quiet Flowers


March 23, 2018

The Way I see the Clouds, Thorny Twigs, Shadows of Naked Trees, Scattered Stones and Quiet Flowers

I carve a path. And I deeply remember the innocent passing white clouds, the broken thorny twigs, shadows of naked trees and scattered stones on the ground, the quiet flowers that witness along the way and the birds that sing as well as cry. They simply surrender to the sun and the rain. They do not question because it is not about questions. It is about just listening with reverence and humility. It is about yielding deeply. It is not just about making sense. It is deeper than that. It is about the essence. And I know from my heart that it is the way of silence, of solitude, of being still, of knowing, of seeing things as they are, that leads me to a place of many beginnings and unending endings, of meaningful interludes, of inner journeying, of contemplating, of the presence of redeeming elements. Yes, it is a moment of deliverance.

I need to drink a steeped tea with cream. Time to walk to my favourite coffee shop.

A Gentle Morning


March 20, 2018
Tuesday, 6:16 pm
Toronto, Ontario
A Gentle Morning
As I write this post, the sky is a calming blue and slowly getting brilliant at 7:13 am but the weather is still icy cold at minus 2 degrees celsius. There is quietness, simplicity, and clarity this morning. I see one bird flying at great speed breaking the stillness of the morning. I find this morning so gentle. And then I read this short poem by Wendell Berry (This Day, Collected & New Sabbath Poems):
Sit and be quiet. In a while

the red berries, now in shadow

will be picked out by the sun.
A nice meditative poem. It makes me aware of the fullness of life, of simple joys, of the sweetness of contemplation, of enduring beauty that can also be seen even in mundane things and, most of all, of the great love of God.
And then I read it again, slowly, savouring every morsel of thought.
It’s time to go for a quiet long walk in the sun.